Dominguez Unit Prison Ministry

Leader:  Luis Cardenas

EWC’s Prison Ministry is associated with the “Barabbas Project” (a volunteer supported ministry) approved by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice dedicated to reaching men in prison with the Word of God.  The ministry is made up of volunteers from many different churches going into prisons throughout Texas, setting up “Faith Based Dorms”.  Classes are held Monday through Friday, 8am – 2:30 pm.  Life coaches conduct evening Bible studies Monday through Thursday, 7 to 9pm.  Friday evening is considered movie night.  This is all done under the guidance of the prison Chaplin and the warden.

The Barabbas Project Mission Statement:  To teach and model the love of Christ to incarcerated men through holistic discipleship that is intensely focused on the practical truth of His Word.  We believe that Christ’s love, combined with the truth of His Word, produces real life change.

My name is Luis Cardenas and I became a volunteer in this ministry in answer to a leading of the Holy Spirit.  I believe God can and will restore these men’s lives, marriages, and relationships and that His desire is for them to begin functioning in His will.

Upon their release, the ministry focuses on tying these men into a church that will help them accomplish these goals.  Volunteers perform the following functions:

1.  Drivers – take men to church, SS office, DPS office, Birth Certificate office, special events like court, and job interviews.  In addition, we pick many of them up at the gate of the jail when they get out and take them to the transitional home where they’ll be staying.

2.  Teacher/Mentor – helps teach and/or facilitate discipleship classes on the outside.

3.  Mentor – This is a team position which is usually 2 to 3 men that are available to advise and disciple the men.

4.  Fund Raisers – These are volunteers that will initiate and run much needed fund raisers to help support the ministry.

5.  Handymen & Construction Workers – These volunteers fix, repair, or remodel housing and offices of the ministry.

Discipleship is really what Barabbas Ministries is about.  We go inside only to lay a better foundation.  Without anything on the outside, all we have is a very cruel “catch and release” program.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer in the prison ministry, e-mail Brother Luis Cardenas at:  You do not have to be a member of EWC as long as you attend a Bible-based Word of God church.  There are various positions available for inside and outside prison ministry.