Greeter/Usher Ministry

1 Chronicles 26:12 Among these were the divisions of the “gatekeepers”, among the chief men, having charges (duties) like their brothers, to minister in the house of Jehovah (Lord). (MKJV)


“Gatekeepers” Ministry is more commonly known as the Ministry of Helps and is comprised of a group of people doing different tasks to serve others as part of their act of worship to the Lord.  They may be serving as an usher, greeter, catcher or “communion” organizer (altar workers), cleaner or maintenance crew worker, and may also serve  in various other church ministries.

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This ministry’s goal is to “serve” the Lord by serving all leaders and the congregation through the avenues provided.  These are men and women  with a heart dedicated to offering assistance, guidance and spirituality in the house of God.  In serving the Lord, they strive to be sensitive to the needs of others while maintaining and providing a safe, functioning environment for worship.